Blindly Influencing the Course of History.
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Blindly Influencing the Course of History.

So, last night was awesome haha. I made out, danced, partied, drank, met so many new people, danced with them, had a shot every 10 minutes, then eventually got walked out by security because I spilled matts drink on accident xD. Oh and at some point of the night, I did this to myself but I must not have cared because I ran and danced no matter what. Did it right in Sweden last night you guys…..there’s nothing cooler than partying with not just your friends but partying with the new people you meet along the way of the night. also, if none of this makes sense, I’m still ultra hungover :)

{ mountain paths }

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hey guys remember when the american soccer team was out of the world cup and the new york post ran this cover


good times

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This is a collection of Tweets from military veterans reacting to the police response in Ferguson. 

And if this shit doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

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I do not own these photos. Simply added annotations. 

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" Imagine you’re Batman… "

- Best startup pitch I’ve ever heard (via david)

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How to finger a girl

1. Use your tongue

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Yesterday’s adventure #summerofyes

Going to the first club of the trip! I didn’t get to pregame with everybody else, but hopefully I can catch up when I show up! #summerofyes

Loving Sweden :) #summerofyes (at Riksbron)

Nobel Museum :) (at Stortorget)

Last night in the states before leaving to Sweden, hanging out with one of my best friends tonight. #summerofyes

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