Blindly Influencing the Course of History.
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Blindly Influencing the Course of History.

My best friends :) #friends #college

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" I want to roll over at 2 a.m. to a kiss from you not a text message "

The bad thing about being human, is that when we discover something we really love or hate. It is within our nature to want to use what we know on the worlds problems right away. It’s always better to continue down the path and let yourself evolve with the world your wanting to help shape. Just like ourselves when we continue to meet new people each and every day. I guess that’s just a part of being young. I have a blank canvas on my wall, so that when I can’t think, I can’t speak, or I can’t breath, I look at the frame. It allows my thoughts to flow somewhere else. My mental paint brush is my secret weapon. I paint pictures, on a forever white canvas. Much like the mind don’t you think?



Today in Solidarity: Protesters gather in Oakland against the Urban Shield conference and police militarization

Ever wonder where cities get all their fancy ideas on how to militarize their police force? It’s not just from the Pentagon— it’s conferences like Urban Shield, that highlight the latest in tactical equipment and practices for suppressing the very people you’re sworn to serve. #staywoke #whodoyouprotect #whodoyouserve 

„,this is the most fucking disgusting thing I have ever seen

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Feeling much better, decided to make something before I go to bed. It feels like a new song is emerging…that or it’s just past my bedtime. Anyway, night! :)

"I’ll give them something to remember."

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Anna Kendrick’s reaction to the leaked celebrity photos. [@annakendrick47]


dogbitedog 😘💕


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So, last night was awesome haha. I made out, danced, partied, drank, met so many new people, danced with them, had a shot every 10 minutes, then eventually got walked out by security because I spilled matts drink on accident xD. Oh and at some point of the night, I did this to myself but I must not have cared because I ran and danced no matter what. Did it right in Sweden last night you guys…..there’s nothing cooler than partying with not just your friends but partying with the new people you meet along the way of the night. also, if none of this makes sense, I’m still ultra hungover :)

{ mountain paths }

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hey guys remember when the american soccer team was out of the world cup and the new york post ran this cover


good times

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This is a collection of Tweets from military veterans reacting to the police response in Ferguson. 

And if this shit doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

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