Blindly Influencing the Course of History.
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Blindly Influencing the Course of History.

When I die, will you sext me through a Ouija board?

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s/o to all you sad motherfuckers out there, i see you and i love you.

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What Would Keep Ebola from Spreading in the US? Investing in Simple Research Years Ago.

There’s a thing you learn, when you’ve been writing about infectious diseases for a while: People love drama. They’re not so much with detail.

Drama is H5N1 avian flu killing half the people who contract it, and the enormous surge in whooping cough, and the sinister movement of almost-untreatable NDM-1 resistance from South Asia to the West.

Detail is the question of whether health care workers treating pandemic-flu patients should expect viral spread for 3 feet or 6 feet; and why immunity conferred by the current pertussis vaccine fades a few years earlier than expected; and how hospitals can encourage their janitors to clean rooms more thoroughly, when they’ve always treated them as a disposable part of the staff.

All of those details are crucial to controlling those diseases. All of them are also research questions. None of them, guaranteed, have gotten the attention or funding that would answer the questions in a way that equips us to counter the dramatic problems.

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The Photos Disney Characters Would Take If They Had Instagram Accounts by Simona Bonafini.

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" The biggest mistake one can make, is losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too. "

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What’s better than this?


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" Still got love for a few people I’ll never speak to again. "

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" Rule #1: Never be #2. "

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" Come sleep with me; We won’t make Love, Love will make us. "

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